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What Makes Color Matching So Complicated

If you need to go to an auto body repair shop in the Bensalem, PA, area, come to Peruzzi Collision Center. Our refinishing department has experienced, qualified technicians who excel at successfully finding a color to match your car, as complex a process as it is. Here is what makes the procedure so difficult, and why we’re the ones you want to undertake this campaign with you.

  • Even the same colors aren’t the same colors

    What? You heard that right. Automobile manufacturers develop a "standard" for all of their colors. The standard is sent out to the auto body paint suppliers to devise a matching formula. They will also concoct "alternate" formulas to match the standard. Some paint codes will have several "alternates,” while others might just have a couple.

  • Lighting

    Automotive paint differs in color according to the lighting and viewing angle. It can look different inside our shop compared to outside under natural daylight. Our skilled workers will spray a card to match it against the car, both inside and outside.

  • Colors change with the weather

    Also worth pointing out is that conditions in the plant will change according to temperature, humidity and even how long the paint has been flowing through the system. These ever-changing circumstances can create disparities in the colors of the same year and paint code.

  • Going green

    Most auto manufacturers now use waterborne paint for environmental purposes, as opposed to solvent-borne paints which a majority of body shops still use. The two types of paint use different pigments which cause a problem when trying to match colors. But we don’t have that issue here at Peruzzi Collisions Center. We’ve upgraded to the waterborne variety to avoid that problem entirely all while helping save the environment.

Our refinishing technicians here at Peruzzi Collision Center are well aware of all these factors. We pay attention to detail, so we won’t miss a thing. We employ a computerized color mixing system which grants the ability to match the original paint color as precisely as possible. The new color is then administered and baked in our cutting-edge paint studios to create a finish that is equivalent to the original. That’s why we’re one of the best spots for someone in need of collision repair in the Bensalem, PA, area.

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