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What is Gold Class Certification and Why is it Important?

Is your auto body repair shop in Levittown, PA Gold Class certified? If you're not going to Peruzzi Collision Center, the chances are that you're paying more for lower quality service.

As we celebrate our anniversary of receiving I-CAR Gold Class Certification, drivers are being encouraged to learn more about the benefits of working with a company that values comprehensive training and continuing education when it comes to collision repair in Bensalem, PA.

Read on to learn everything that you need to know about I-CAR certification.

What Does I-CAR Do?

“I-CAR” stands for the “Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Repair.” From technological advancements to changing fuel requirements set in place to protect our plant, the composition and design of vehicles are constantly evolving. Repair professionals who don’t take steps to keep up with changes in the auto industry may not be able to provide the highest possible quality service for their clients and customers.

I-CAR provides a Professional Development Program to keep repair technicians up to date on the latest changes and improvements in the auto industry. This continuing education program is beneficial for both the repair technician and the customer. Repair technicians are able to keep their skills relevant and in line with advancing tech, while customers can rest with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their repair mechanic is well-versed in a wider range of vehicles and their repair constraints.

What is I-CAR Gold Class Certification?

I-CAR Gold Class Certification is a complicated and rigid standard that is given only to repair shops that show the highest industry standards. Gold Class shops must have every technician who works on vehicles go through specialized training in collision repair, and must go through ongoing training to stay up-to-date on vehicle technology.

What Are the Requirements for I-CAR Gold Class Certification?

Gold Class Certification from I-CAR signifies quality repair technicians that drivers can trust. In order to reach Gold Class Certification, every technician working at a repair shop who is directly involved in providing vehicle repairs must meet Platinum Status, a certification granted from I-CAR that covers comprehensive training in the areas of estimation, non-structural repair needs, steel structural needs and refinishing. In addition to Platinum Status technicians, all employees who provide repair services must receive training through I-CAR.

Why is I-CAR Certification Important?

Think about how much technology has changed in just ten years. The interior components of vehicles are always changing as well. When you choose to work with a company that maintains I-CAR Gold Class Certification, you're working with a staff that is fully trained and engages in ongoing education to ensure that they understand the latest technology that makes up your vehicle.

Why Should I Choose I-CAR Gold-Certified Technicians?

There’s nothing worse than paying for an auto body repair shop to fix your vehicle only to find that the technicians who worked on your car didn’t completely finish the job. When you choose a repair shop that offers Gold-Certified Technicians, you know that only those who have received comprehensive repair training will be working on your vehicle.

Are All Collision Repair Shops I-CAR Certified?

No! Only an estimated 10% of businesses meet the strict requirements that would qualify themselves for the I-CAR Gold Class Certification. This is why it's important to work with collision repair providers that maintain their certification for the best possible service.

When you need your vehicle repaired, don't risk sub-par service! Give our team at Peruzzi Collision Center a call today at (215) 375-7929 to learn more about our I-CAR certified service.

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