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It’s Inspection Season -- Will Your Car Pass?

With the new year comes the need for a new inspection sticker. Is your car up to spec? You might be surprised, but there is a chance that it is not.

Unlike New Jersey, which requires vehicles only pass an emissions inspection, Pennsylvania requires all registered vehicles to pass not only an emissions inspection, but also a safety inspection as well.

Read on to see a few of the common reasons people fail inspection in Pennsylvania. Beneath each, you’ll find tips to help you identify any glaring or obvious issues to address before you head to the inspection station. If you need something addressed by a professional auto body repair shop servicing Bensalem, PA, give us a call today.


● Be sure you have all the rearview mirrors you need: Two outside and one inside.

● Your front windows cannot be tinted.

● Be sure there are no cracks in the windshield.

● Double-check your windshield wipers and confirm they perform adequately. If you’re not sure, wipers are cheap and easy enough to buy at an auto parts store and replace on your own.


● Your front and rear bumpers must be safely and completely secured to the car.

● If they’re taped on, glued on, or are otherwise not fully attached, you’ll fail inspection.

● Be sure your rear license plate is attached firmly to your rear bumper.

○While you don’t need front AND rear plates, the rear is mandatory.


● When’s the last time you had your brakes done? If it’s been a while, chances are you need to have them serviced to pass inspection.

● If your car squeals and whines while coming to a stop: Your brakes definitely need to be serviced.


● How’s the tread? Try the penny test to see if you need new tires before inspection.

○Take a penny and place it upside down into the tread; if Lincoln’s head disappears past his hair and the depth reaches his forehead, you should be fine. However, if you can see his hair, you need new tires.

● If your tires sometimes screech, that’s a good indicator that they need to be replaced.


● If the check engine light is on, have the car serviced, because it probably won’t pass inspection.

● If there are any noises coming from under the hood, chances are you need to have maintenance performed to keep your car up to spec and ready to pass inspection.

Other, Misc Things to Check

● Be sure both headlights, taillights, and their adjacent turn signals work.

● The horn and gauges must function properly to meet PA state inspection requirements.

If you’ve recently been in an accident and you need your car repaired before you even think about visiting the inspection center, contact Peruzzi Collision Center -- we’re Bensalem, PA’s best collision repair center.