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How the Summer Heat May Cause Damage to Your Car

Most drivers know that under no circumstances should children or pets be left alone in a hot car. But did you know that the heat can cause other damage to your vehicle, some of which may remain unseen? In addition to damage from the sun, the heat can also cause dehydration, making accidents and collisions more likely.

As the summer starts ramping up, take some time to check for these common heat-related issues in your car, and be sure to contact our professional auto repair shop in Levittown, PA, if you notice damage to the body of your vehicle. And, of course, make sure to keep yourself off the road if you see any signs of heat exhaustion. Some of the most common ways that the summer heat can damage your vehicle include the following:

Paint Discoloration

Most of the damage associated with the summer season is a result of the sun's constant beating down upon the car. While it's common knowledge that exposure to sunlight over a long period can cause paint fading, it can also cause dents and cracks in the car's dashboard.

Damaging The Upholstery

You might also notice a distinct cracking in the leather upholstery of your seating, which can also be attributed to extreme heat. If you have a fabric interior, you may notice rips along with the seaming of the seats that weren't there before. At Peruzzi Collision Center, our leading auto body repair shop serving Bensalem, PA drivers can help you determine if these issues have been caused by the heat and provide you with options to fix the damage.

Mess With Tire Pressure

As the air gets warmer, it begins to expand. When the air in your tires starts to get super warm, it can cause issues with the overall tire pressure. When tires become underinflated, and the pressure isn't uniform across every tire, then the risk of a blowout grows.

Decreased Battery Performance

Many drivers are aware of the impact that cold weather can have on their car battery's performance. However, they may not know that summer heat can have similar effects on battery performance as well. Increased heat can impact the long-term health of your battery. If your battery is not securely locked into place, the vibrations that happen while driving can reduce its overall effectiveness.

Summer Heat Doesn't Only Mess With Your Car

Along with damage to your car, the summer heat can put you at risk on the road, thanks to dehydration. Most people aren't getting as much water as they need on sweltering days, and being dehydrated slows your reflexes, making it much more likely that you will get in an accident. Be sure to bring a bottle of water along with you every time you drive this summer, and stay off the road if you are feeling sleepy or dizzy.

When it comes to the summer heat and your car, you can never be too careful. Taking the time to ensure your car is ready for the rising temperatures is critical. Bringing it to an auto repair shop that you trust can help ease your mind and get you ready for some summer road trips. If your vehicle has been subject to any damage this summer, make sure to contact our professionals at Peruzzi Collision Center today!

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