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5 Reasons Why Collisions Occur at Intersections

Have you ever noticed that a lot of collisions occur right at or in the middle of an intersection? There are a host of reasons why so many accidents occur at intersections. People tend to pay less attention around intersections, which can lead to drivers taking their eyes off of the road or letting their guard down. Below, you can learn more about the top five reasons why accidents occur at intersections.

  • Someone was speeding. People try to speed through intersections all the time. Unfortunately, many times this results in them needing collision repair in Bensalem, PA.

  • Drivers following too closely behind one another. When someone is trailing a little too closely, they may not leave enough room to brake effectively. One person tries to stop, the other cannot react in time, and the next thing you know, there’s been an accident.

  • Bad weather. When bad weather occurs, it can alter how much space or time someone needs to effectively stop at an intersection. Rain or snow in this area can make stopping incredibly difficult.

  • Being intoxicated. If someone is driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this can be a massive problem. Their slowed reaction speed is bound to hurt them and those around them, and this often manifests when the driver needs to make a quick decision at an intersection.

  • Obstructed vision. When a driver has an obstructed view, this can lead to many situations where an auto body repair shop in Bensalem, PA, could become necessary. Something as simple as clean windows and trimmed hedges can help immensely with this problem.

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