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5 Car Safety Lessons Kids Need To Know

Kids today spend plenty of time traveling in cars and trucks throughout their childhood, but many children don’t fully understand just how dangerous a car can be. If you have a little one, make sure you teach him or her these five crucial car safety lessons.   

  • Always wear your seatbelt. Seatbelts are some of the most important safety features in any car—especially for young children. Teach children to always buckle their seatbelts before the car starts to move and to keep them buckled until the driver says it’s okay to get out.
  • Never distract the driver. Kids need to understand that the car isn’t a playground and that the driver has to focus on the road at all times. Teach children to read or play quietly while in the car and to avoid talking to the driver until the vehicle is safely parked.
  • Watch out for cars when playing or crossing the street. As every adult knows, cars and trucks aren’t just dangerous when you’re the one in the car. Teach children to always be alert for oncoming traffic while playing outside or when crossing the street.
  • Stay calm in the event of an accident. An accident, even if it’s just a small fender bender, can be very traumatic for children. Sit your children down and explain that if they’re ever involved in an accident, they should stay calm, wait for help to arrive, and listen to instructions from any police officer or firefighter who comes to assist them while adults receive medical attention or call for collision repair in Bensalem, PA.
  • Always listen to the rules. Kids can sometimes think that if mom or dad isn’t around, rules go out the window. Teach children that no matter who they’re driving with, they need to follow rules set forth by the driver—if their aunt says to buckle up or the babysitter asks them to be quiet, they need to listen.

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