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4 Ways to Help Teen Drivers Avoid Collisions

Now that 2018 has officially arrived, you might have a teen in your home who is anxiously counting down the days until his or her 16th birthday or the date when they are eligible to take the test for their license.

Learning to drive or getting your license can be a thrilling time in a teen's life, but it's important for parents to take steps to help their novice drivers prevent an accident.

Read on to learn four of the best ways that parents can help teen drivers stay safer on the road, courtesy of our experts here at Peruzzi Collision Center, the top auto body repair shop serving Bensalem, PA.

● Ease their anxiety. Many teen drivers underestimate how stressful driving can really be, which increases their probability of getting into an accident on busy roads. Reassure your teen that, if it is safe to do so, there's nothing wrong with pulling over and waiting for traffic to clear before heading back onto the road.

● Prevent cell phone usage. Though no driver should be using a cell phone on the road, teens are more likely to do so. According to data from the National Safety Council, cell phones play a role in 23% of collisions. Encourage your teen to avoid the temptation by informing him or her of the dangers of distracted driving. You can even encourage your teen to leave their phone in the backseat.

● Limit the number of passengers. For teen drivers, carrying too many passengers increases the chances of an accident exponentially. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that the presence of a passenger in the car raises a teen's chance of getting into an accident by 48%, and two passengers increases this chance by 258%.

● Model great driving habits. As a parent, your teen will look to you to learn about how to stay safe when driving. By modeling good driving habits yourself (like turning the phone off and wearing a seatbelt), your teen will be more likely to follow the rules of the road themselves.

If you or your teen finds themselves in an accident in the coming year, get the collision repair in Levittown, PA that you need to get back on the road fast with Peruzzi Collision Center!