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4 Tips to Help Teen Drivers Avoid Distraction

Data suggests that teen drivers are at a significant disadvantage while behind the wheel. According to DoSomething.org (an online advocacy group committed to studying and fighting against common teen issues), 16-year-old drivers have higher automobile crash rates than any other age group on the road. Experts predict that a large percentage of these automobile accidents have to do with distracted driving—a whopping 56 percent of teens admitted that they talk on the phone while driving. If you have a teen in your family learning how to drive, use these four tips to help him or her avoid on-the-road distractions.

  • Lock away the cell phone. One of the most dangerous distractions on the road, a cell phone can be a very tempting hazard for teen drivers. Teach your teen that cell phones are only to be used in an emergency while driving, and encourage them to leave their phone in the trunk or backseat to avoid the temptation to text.
  • Limit the number of people in the car. Most states have something called “graduated driver licensing laws” in place that limit the number of passengers that teen drivers can have in their car while learning how to drive. Parents should urge their teens to obey these laws, as young drivers are more likely to be distracted if there are more passengers in the car.
  • Encourage teens to take their time. Statistics show that the chance of a teen driver being involved in an accident increases incrementally with every mile that the teen drives over the posted speed limit. Parents are encouraged to never rush their teens when they know they are driving, as speeding can lead to the need for collision repair in Levittown, PA.
  • Automatically program the radio. If your teen likes to listen to music while they drive, program a few favorite stations into the radio—this will help avoid the need to fiddle with the radio dial while driving, a common distraction.

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