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3 Ways Winter Can Play a Part in a Collision

With winter right around the corner, driving conditions in the Philadelphia area may soon get a lot worse. Although the Farmers’ Almanac is projecting that Pennsylvania will see more than snow due to another mild winter for the second year in a row, the road conditions in Southeastern Pennsylvania can still be difficult.

At Peruzzi Collision Center, we know that even a mild winter can leave drivers rushing for collision repair in Bensalem, PA due to the effects that these storms have on the road that make driving more difficult. Here are three ways that snow storms can cause you to have a tougher time on the road this winter.

  • Potholes, lots and lots of potholes - The frigid temperatures can lead to an increase in cracks and breaks in major roads. These cracks and breaks can wreak havoc on your tires and under belly of your vehicle. Drivers should always be on the look for potholes to avoid but some are inevitable. If the damage is already done to your vehicle, Peruzzi Collision Center has you covered.

  • Black ice. Another common area of caution during winter is black ice, which is the same as normal ice on the road but a lot more difficult to detect. Black ice can lead to drivers losing control of their vehicle and can even cause hydroplaning. Black ice is something all drivers should be weary of when the temperatures drop below 25 degrees.

  • Heavy rain. Since the Farmers’ Almanac is predicting another mild winter, drivers can be sure to expect more heavy rain than snow this winter. Rain can become an even bigger driving hazard while it's raining. Rain reduces a driver's visibility, and the heaviest rain can send drivers to our auto body repair shop PA because they could not even see the object they've collided with or because they slid off the road. You should try to avoid driving in heavy rain as often as possible, and pull over if your visibility is dangerously low.

If you're in need of collision repair in Levittown, PA this winter, turn to our experts at Peruzzi Collision Center. Give us a call today at 215-375-7929 to get the advice and help that you need.

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