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3 Spring Tips for Avoiding Motorcycle Collisions

As the spring season approaches and drivers get ready to roll down the windows and cruise, a new danger on the road needs to be observed: motorcyclists.

According to research from the National Safety Council, the period of April through September accounts for 73% of motorcycle accidents, many of which involve a motorcycle and a car.

Despite the conception that snow and ice make winter the most dangerous season to drive in, the spring season brings along with it more motorcyclists, who are inherently at a higher risk on the road.

Our team at Peruzzi Collision Center, the leading dent repair shop near Bensalem, PA, wants you to stay safe on the road this spring. Here these three safety tips to avoid collisions with a motorcycle and damage to your vehicle.

● Signal well in advance. If you are driving a car or truck, it's your job to help keep motorcyclists safe by using your signals. If you are changing lanes, make sure to give cyclists plenty of notice by clicking on your turn signal at least a five seconds before you turn or shift to avoid boxing in a motorcyclist.

● Check all blind spots. One of the reasons why motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in an accident is their small size. It's much more likely that a motorcycle will get caught in your blind spot than another car. Before turning or changing lanes, check your blind spot in your wing mirror, check your rearview mirror and then check your wing mirror one more time for maximum safety.  

● Drive defensively. Motorcyclists have much less protection than cars when on the road, meaning that they are much more likely to be seriously injured or killed in the event of a collision. Make sure you are driving defensively by observing the speed limit, avoiding talking on the phone or texting while on the road, and ensure that your brakes and signals are in working order this spring to protect your fellow drivers.

If you are involved in an accident this spring, don't hesitate to seek collision repair as soon as possible. Contact our professionals at Peruzzi Collision Center, the leading auto body repair shop serving Levittown, PA, by calling at 215-375-7929 to learn more about how to avoid an accident this spring or to schedule an appointment for repairs.

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