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3 Reasons Why There Are More Car Accidents During the Summer Season

Do you ever feel like you see more fender benders once the kids have gotten out of school for the summer? It’s not just your imagination! According to data uncovered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the summer months are some of the most dangerous times of the year to be on the road, with more automobile accidents and vehicular fatalities occurring than any other season. Three of the most common reasons why accident numbers spike in the summer include:

  1. More teen drivers on the road. When school’s out for the summer, teenagers have much more free time—and will naturally spend more time driving. These inexperienced drivers are often distracted by cell phones or passengers in their car. They also may have less control over their vehicle than older drivers who have been on the road for years. Less experienced drivers + more time spent on the road = more accidents.
  2. More roadway construction. In many states, the summer season offers the perfect time for roadway construction; there is less of a chance of delays due to weather, and the longer days offer more hours of sunlight for workers. However, this also means that lanes are shut down more often, temporary detours may be more common, and sudden stops may seemingly pop up out of nowhere. These changes to road patterns contribute to the increased need for collision repair in Bensalem, PA.
  3. Increased effects of dehydration. If you’re going on a long drive this summer, bring a bottle of water—it might save your vehicle, as well as your life. Common symptoms of dehydration (dizziness, migraines, hallucinations, etc.) can severely affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle. Since summer is the number one season for instances of dehydration, accidents related to dehydration also peak during this season.

If you find yourself in a collision this summer, don’t panic! As soon as you are sure that you and the other drivers involved in the crash are safe, make a call to your local auto body repair shop in Levittown, PA, Peruzzi Collision Center, at 215-375-7929. We’ll have your ride looking brand new in no time!

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