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6 DIY Dent Repair Myths All Drivers Should Know

From “upcycling” an old glass jar into a vase to cleaning your oven using only all-natural ingredients, home DIY projects have exploded in popularity thanks to social media websites like Pinterest and Facebook. However, there are some projects that you should never attempt to DIY — like your dent repair in Fairless Hills, PA. Today, we’ll dispel some common DIY myths about dent repair.

  • Myth: plunging away your dents is an easy and affordable way to fix your vehicle. It’s never a good idea to use a plunger to get rid of dents, as this method has actually been proven to make your dent worse. When you push a plunger down, the air inside the plunger applies more pressure to your dent, which can cause an even more considerable dent to form.

  • Myth: dry ice will cause your vehicle’s metal to contract, popping out the dent. Dry ice is much more likely to ruin your vehicle’s finish than it is to repair your dents — not to mention cause severe burns if it touches your skin.
  • Myth: dent removal is way too expensive. When it comes to spending money on necessary vehicle repairs, “dent removal” doesn’t make the top of most drivers’ lists of top priorities. Many drivers leave dents in their vehicles, which doesn’t only make the car look worse but may also mask underlying damage in the vehicle’s interior. Thankfully, the good news is that, contrary to popular belief, many forms of dent repair are covered by standard auto insurance policies. Though you’ll need to check your policy for specific details on what’s covered and what isn’t, most drivers who carry comprehensive car insurance can expect to be covered for at least a portion of their dent repair costs.
  • Myth: running a hairdryer over the dent will cause the metal to become pliable, allowing you to remove the dent manually. While running a hairdryer on your vehicle isn’t likely to make your dent worse or cause damage, it also won’t help repair your dent. Hairdryers cannot produce enough kinetic power to make the metal more pliable, which means that this dent repair method is just a waste of time.
  • Myth: leaving your car in the sun can help to repair dents. If you have damage resulting from hail, you might have heard the myth that leaving your vehicle in the sun can successfully “pop” out dents. Like the hairdryer myth, this myth relies on the idea that metal tends to expand when it gets hot—when you leave your car in the sun, some drivers believe that the heat from the metal will cause the dent to rebound as it expands. Like the hairdryer myth, this isn’t a reliable form of dent removal because it’s unlikely that the heat from the atmosphere will be able to get your vehicle hot enough to successfully remove a dent—especially in weather conducive to hail.
  • Myth: using compressed air always does the trick. Sometimes combined with the hair dryer myth, some drivers believe that you can pop a dent out of your vehicle. As we’ve reviewed before, your hairdryer cannot produce enough heat to successfully remove a dent from your vehicle, and the addition of compressed air likely won’t help. Though this method is unlikely to harm your vehicle, it probably won’t help you remove the dent.

As you can see, tackling your own dent repair in Levittown, PA, doesn’t make much sense if you want to keep your vehicle looking great. A much better idea is to call the professionals at Peruzzi Collision Center . Our expert team has the tools and training needed to repair your dents the right way — no matter how large or small the job. 

  • Low-quality glass.  If your vehicle manufacturer or  auto body repair shop in Levittown, PA used low-quality glass to create or repair your windshield, you’re more likely to see damage in the future. Peruzzi Collision Center uses only high-quality glass on our repairs for this reason.
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